IBM AS400 iSeries and RS6000 pSeries Systems

Global IT offers you a reliable source for your IBM AS400 iSeries and RS6000 pSeries needs. From completely configured IBM systems to component parts, add-ons and peripherals, we can help your IBM system upgrade go as smooth as possible.

About IBM

IBM is a technology and consulting company in New York. IBM manufactures and markets software and hardware, infrastructure, hosting and other computer-based services.

The company was founded in through a merger of three companies. The IBM name was adopted in 1924. IBM is referred to by the nickname “Big Blue”.

IBM pSeries

The pSeries, or System p, was IBM’s RISC/UNIX-based server and workstation line.

Originally just workstations and servers (RS/6000), the server line eventually was renamed to the eServer pSeries in 2000. In 2004 they were renamed eServer p5. With the global move of the server and storage brands to the System brand, they were yet again to System p5 in 2005.

IBM iSeries

The IBM System i is IBM’s previous generation of midrange computer systems. It was replaced by the IBM Power Systems in 2008.

IBM introduced the AS/400 in 1988 and later rebranded the system as the iSeries in 2000. Then in 2006 the servers were again renamed to System i.

pSeries and iSeries Merger

In April 2008, IBM announced the integration of System i with System p. The unified product line is called IBM Power Systems.

Refurbished IBM Servers from Global IT

Every Pre-owned IBM server from Global IT is refurbished, tested and verified using rigorous processes and original manufacturing standards. Global IT has a strong repulation providing refurbished IT hardware solutions for midrange environments, both in the iSeries and pSeries markets. We stock many years worth of legacy refurbished IBM AS/400, IBM iSeries, and IBM pSeries parts, features, peripherals and complete systems with the technical expertise to continue offering end of life IBM server lines. We offer this valuable equipment to companies after it has been fully refurbished. Global IT is an expert at equipment refurbishment, offering companies of all sizes exceptional quality, reliability, and value. The value of refurbished equipment is obvious since companies save 50% to 75% off the price of new equipment.

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