Cisco PIX Firewalls Routers and Switches

Global IT provides new, used and refurbished Cisco products. From routers and switches to network modules and servers, we provide you with reliable equipment to expand your network and to keep it up and running.

About Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems, Inc. is a multinational corporation headquartered in San Jose, California that manufactures computer networking equipment. Founded in 1984, the name “Cisco” was derived from the city name, San Francisco.

Cisco router and switch equipment make up the foundation of protocol-based (IP) networking, and both can help provide a more intelligent, integrated and responsive network.

Although Cisco routers and switches appear similar, each piece of equipment has its own distinct function to perform on a network. Both types of equipment deliver scalable network solutions that enable an increase in productivity, trim business expenses and improve customer service and security.

Cisco Firewalls

Cisco firewalls, including Pix firewalls, provide the first line of defense in network security infrastructure.

As businesses strive to protect their LAN/WAN network perimeters, they must also check communications between internal network segments. Cisco security appliances and equipment, including Cisco Pix firewalls, are utilized at different points within a network to protect from internal and external threats.

Cisco Routers

Cisco routers connect networks, acting as dispatchers for the flow of information within a system. Cisco routers also provide the platform that optimizes the delivery of communications and applications. Cisco’s platform combines applications between network segments, weaving security, application services and routing together to create a more automated and intelligent process.

Cisco Switches

Cisco switches serve as controllers, and they are used to create networks. Businesses use switches to connect network components such as computers, printers and servers within a facility or campus. This controller function enables the switches to allocate resources, which in turn allows devices to exchange information more efficiently. Cisco offers both managed and non-managed switches. Managed switches are configurable, which means they can offer greater network capabilities and capacity.

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